I'm Annie Cap and I'm one of a few crazy people around the world who actually grow crystals on ceramics.  Although crystals (and rocks) have been a passion of mine since I was small, it's only relatively recently I entered the utterly beautiful and fascinating world of crystalline ceramics, which is said to be the most difficult form of pottery of all.

I came to pottery late in life, after a successful career in telecommunications for 20 years (which is how I've found myself living in England, from Seattle, Washington), and a second career as a therapist, coach and published author.

I have a degree in fine art, which focused on design, composition, painting and sculpture, before I moved on to international business studies at the University of Washington.

I've painted for more than four decades, but crystalline ceramics is all I wish to do now. This passionate pursuit of developing my own crystalline glazes and throwing suitable pottery forms for crystal growth requires all the skills I've accumulated over my life-time. It is by far my most challenging, captivating and satisfying artistic expression.


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